Questions & Guidelines

What is the A-Space?

The A-Space Anarchist Social Center is a storefront space that facilitates anti-authoritarian resistance as well as provide space for cultural and social justice events. It is a place for face-to-face interactions to take place beyond and against the systems that keep us separated, whether through art, organizing, food, or discussion.

What events are welcome?

Anti-oppressive events are welcome at the A-Space. Anyone organizing an event within the space is expected to ensure the event is anti-oppressive. This means events that are authoritarian, pro-state, capitalist, patriarchal, white supremacist, cissexist, ableist, or fall in line with any ideology that fosters domination or supremacy will not be approved.

Additionally, all individuals in the space are encouraged to take initiative to prevent and disrupt any of the above-mentioned behavior within the space. The a-space is a drug and alcohol-free space. Event organizers are responsible for upholding these standards.

How do you book an event?

Event requests must be submitted through our website calendar. Any community member may submit a request. Organizers of the A-Space will review event requests to ensure it meets our collective standard of anti-oppression.

The A-Space gives priority booking to social justice meetings and events. It is a non-commercial space. We don’t “rent out” the space for private parties, such as birthday parties or baby showers.

Are there rules for events?

In order to preserve the safety, cleanliness, and dignity of the space and the community it operates in, there are some collective guidelines:

  • ALL events need to be booked for the space in advance through the website.
  • The A-space is a drug and alcohol-free space. Event participants are also asked not to drink alcohol in front of or behind the building.
  • Don’t leave or remove items from the space unless included in your approved event request.
  • We ask organizers not to amplify sound out of respect for our neighbors. Phone, computer and radio speakers are welcome.
  • Events are expected to end by 9:00 pm and finish clearing out completely by 9:30 pm, Sun-Thurs. Events are expected to end by 10:30 pm and finish clearing out completely by 11:00 pm on Fri/Sat.
  • Fire Exits need to be kept clear at all times for safety. Exits are clearly marked with illuminated signs.
  • Event Organizers are asked to complete and submit an Event Checklist at the end of their event for collective accountability. Checklists are available online, as well as on the bulletin board to the left of the door.
Does it cost something to host events?

There is no monetary requirement to book an event. The A Space depends on donations from events to cover operating costs. Each event is asked and encouraged to submit a suggested donation of $10+ with their checklist at the end of their event. Groups that use the space to generate funds are asked to consider donating more. Donations can be submitted with the checklist in the metal lock box under the bulletin board. Donations can also be sent fee-free to the A-Space through Paypal:

Are Events Advertised?

Hosts are expected to promote their own events if they desire. Please send us links to online promotion and leave flyers at the A-Space if possible (including posting on the door/window) if you’d like advertising support.

Is the A-Space accessible?

The A-Space is not technically accessible. There are no stairs to get in or out of the A-Space and the main doors are wide enough for wheelchair access. The bathroom, however, is narrow and not wheelchair accessible.

How can someone get involved?We are always looking for new volunteers to help with the A Space! Get involved by emailing the collective at or joining one of our meetings (listed on the calendar).

Decision making in the building is multi-leveled. There are decisions made independently by Books through Bars and the A-Space Collective related to their respective programs. There are decisions relating to housing made by the residents who live on the second and third floors. When decisions involve everyone in the building (usually pertaining to the upkeep of the physical spaces, the LCA and building finances), they are discussed in “4722 Association” meetings with representation from each apartment, BTB, and the A-Space. The groups are also in regular contact via email and check in when there is overlap in processes. Decisions are made by reaching consensus.

About the A-Space building

The building that holds the A-Space is part the Life Center Association (LCA), a land trust. “4722” was the second house to be bought by the LCA in 1973. It holds 2 apartments, the A-Space, and Books Through Bars.

LCA Statement of Purpose: The LCA cooperatively owns and holds in trust safe, stable at-cost housing for the long-term use of low to moderate income peoples in order to co-create a just, sustainable community in Philadelphia, PA. Our work cultivates local, non-hierarchical leadership, direct democracy, social justice organizing and housing justice rooted in the history of the Movement for a New Society.

We share educational resources with our community and neighborhood emphasizing cooperative principles and racial and economic justice. We work with/in other organizations and networks that pursue similar goals.