Host Responsibilities & Guidelines

  1. ALL events need to be booked for the space in advance through the website.
  2. The A-space is a drug and alcohol-free space. This includes event participants not drinking alcohol in front or in the back of the building.
  3. Don’t leave things in the space or take things out of the space without getting permission from the collective.
  4. Events should not have amplified sound (nothing larger than a boombox/computer speakers).
  5. Events end by 9:00 pm Sun-Thurs, with everyone gone by 9:30 pm.  Events end by 10:30 pm on Fri/Sat. with everyone gone by 11 pm.
  6. Keep fire exits clear
  7. Please be sure to run through the Opening and Closing Events Checklist posted on the bulletin board.   (*NOTE: This needs to be re-created & posted*)
  8. Clean up after events and make sure there are no dishes left in the sink.  If you provided food at the event, take any remaining food and food-related trash out of the building.  
  9. Wi-Fi is available: “A Space Guest” with the password : 47222274
  10. There are folding tables and roughly 20 folding chairs. They can be arranged in any manner that you’d like.  Please hang the folding chairs back up at the end of your event.